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Healthy distractions to help during times of uncertainty

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We all need healthy distractions to help us cope with our current anxiety. According to the American Institute of Stress, gardening can drastically reduce your stress levels. There are many reasons why but here are just a few.

Because gardening is a full body workout, it can decrease feelings of anxiety & depression through movement. It also burns calories, keeps joints flexible, builds strength & keeps your heart healthy by increasing your cardio.

Anytime outside is a great opportunity to fill up on vitamin D. An increase in your D levels are associated with a growth of calcium, increased immune system, a healthy heart & lungs & a decrease in cancer. Having a healthy body will make a difference in your overall response to stress.

Regardless of your skill level, gardening can be a proven stress buster. Your levels of cortisol can be reduced in 45 minutes through engaging in some form of creativity. Creating a relaxing space will give you a peaceful mind.

Mindfulness is a popular way of combating stress. Gardening allows you to be present in the moment & to focus on your breath. It’s an opportunity to smell the flowers, let the stress melt away & to simply exist.

So, spend some time outdoors & let all of life’s stress fade away. There will be plenty of gardening to do after all of the rains 🌱

adminHealthy distractions to help during times of uncertainty

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