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Erosion Control

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Using plants as a blanket is a very cost effective solution to controlling erosion. We planted this Grevillea, “Scarlet Sprite” with jute netting as a preventative for this client.
Jute does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow which makes it a sustainable alternative. It is also completely biodegradable & is a recyclable fiber.

Jute is also an efficient source of renewable material because it reaches maturity quickly. Thus making it a green alternative. After the plants grow in, the final stage will be covering the netting with mulch. The jute will eventually break down leaving the hillside protected.

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Are you ready for spring? How to prune in winter

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Although we’re not outside as much this time of year, you don’t want to neglect the needs of your plants & trees. Pruning your shrubs during the dormant season is actually the most beneficial time, because of their delayed growth.

It’s also much easier to determine any problematic areas when branches are not overgrown. A pruned branch is also less susceptible to insect damage in cooler weather.

Removing dead branches allows the plant to redirect its energy to healthier areas, thus keeping it hearty. Keeping your plants healthy during the colder months, will also help them to handle the harsh weather.

Pruning shrubs during the dormant season is also beneficial because any cut made will heal quickly without other growth to hinder it. Because there is not a lot of new growth, the plant can focus on healing the damaged area.

Although, there are some shrubs that do not fall into this category. The spring flowering shrubs are best pruned after they flower. Pruning these shrubs during their dormancy can reduce the amount of buds that they push out.

Pruning shrubs during the dormant months also makes sense because there usually isn’t as much going on in your garden. So, take advantage of this time. Once the weather is warmer, there will be more than enough outdoor projects.

Lastly, pruning during this dormant season invites new growth in the spring & supports the plants overall health.

So, give us a call & one of our skilled teams can assist you. Their plant knowledge & pruning ability will keep your landscaping looking healthy.

adminAre you ready for spring? How to prune in winter
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