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Becoming water-wise

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Due to the significant water restrictions that northern CA has been facing, it is extremely important that we monitor our usage. Because a percentage of our water consumption comes from outdoor sources, we need to take small step to ensure the protection of our valuable resource.

There are many ways that homeowners can become water wise so we’d like share some of our suggestions with you. We’ll focus on two for now but check back in for more in our next post.

Adjust your Irrigation

It’s best to have a professional do a seasonal irrigation check as repairing a broken sprinkler can drastically reduce your usage. Changing your irrigation to a drip system is also another way to become more sustainable. Watering in the morning or evening is also another sustainable practice. It’s more efficient than watering during the heat of the day when water can be evaporated. Cycling your watering will also give plants time to absorb the water.


Mulching locks in moisture in the soil thus decreasing the need for irrigation. Placing several inches of mulch will not only conserve soil moisture but it will keep the weeds down. When weeds are controlled, they aren’t completing with plants for water. Mulch also adds protection for the soil. This extra layer allows nutrients to absorb preventing evaporation & run off.

Plant Care

Make sure when fertilizing plants that you use a well balanced fertilizer. The increased growth of a plant will require more water. Adding compost to your soil will also increase the soils capacity to hold water & will prevent run off.

Know your plants & tree

When choosing new plants, drought tolerant ones are always ideal. However, choosing the right plant for the right environment is the most important factor. Also it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with your plants & trees. Newly planted turf, plants & trees are a higher priority where as established ones may not need as much water. Cost is also a consideration as trees are expensive & annual flowers & grasses are more easily replaced. Knowing your soil also has its advantages as clay soil holds more water than sandy soil.

Give us a call for more tips on water conservation or to schedule a consult with a landscaping specialist. We’re here to help.

adminBecoming water-wise
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Grouping plants that have similar needs

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We love watching our clients landscaping mature. This beautiful design was a result of excellent care & perfect plant placement.

Varying the plants can produce an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Juxtaposing plants with contrasting textures or forms can create a fascinating pallet.

However, there are also practical reasons for grouping different plants together. You want to place plants with similar growing requirements together.

Grouping plants that have similar needs for sun, shade & water will cut back on maintenance. When plants share common ideal growing conditions, they will thrive.

Give us a call if you have any design needs. We’re here to help! (831) 465-0144

adminGrouping plants that have similar needs
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The joy of fall prep and planning

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Fall is the perfect season to plant a wildflower garden. All you need is a sunny spot, seeds & some compost.
Getting your space ready by taking out weeds & grasses will ensure that your flowers thrive. Adding organic compost will give the soil more moisture retention.
Then your ready to scatter your seeds & gently rake them in. Spread another light layer of compost, pack it down & water.
Your hard work will produce beautiful results & will be well rewarded come spring!

adminThe joy of fall prep and planning
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Prepping the soil

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Feeling the love this week at the Soquel Creek Water District office.
Thanks to all of those loyal CLCA members for volunteering their time.

Now with the soil prep completed, everything’s in place for a beautiful memorial garden to be planted this spring. Sure feels good to give back to our amazing community!

adminPrepping the soil
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Continuing to reduce our carbon footprint

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In our efforts to continue to reduce our carbon footprint, we have recently invested heavily in Stihl battery powered equipment. This move has been beneficial on many fronts.

It has made us stewards of the environment through a reduction in noise & air pollution. This beneficial change is also much more efficient, saving us money & time.

Our employees are enjoying the quiet sound as well as the reduction in vibrations. This is a common problem with 2 stroke engines which often result in arthritic joint & bones for many landscapers.

The light weight of the new equipment is also an added bonus. This makes them easier to move around & aids in injury reduction.

Making these changes often takes a leap of faith but usually once we’ve done it, we are grateful that we did.

adminContinuing to reduce our carbon footprint
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The Importance of Pruning

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Pruning is a crucial component in keeping your landscaping aesthetically pleasing. We consider it one of the primary components of our maintenance services because it effects the vitality of your plants & as such the health of your property.

Removing dead/browsing leaves, dead limbs & non essential growth is critical in promoting new growth & allows the plant to maintain its proper habitat.

Natural growth patterns is what we strive for – The plant should look like nature intended it to look. These results can only be achieved by care & attention.

Knowing how to prune correctly is important because improper trimming can drastically effect the health of the plant. Our crews are always familiar with proper pruning techniques because they have years of experience. They will know how to promote growth & keep your plants thriving.

adminThe Importance of Pruning
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Your Irrigation specialist

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Prepping for an irrigation redo on this Branciforte estate.
Hours of trenching goes into this stage. It’s time consuming but is part of the process if you want the job done right.
The irrigation on this property is getting redone because it was installed incorrectly the first time. You always want to make sure to use an irrigation specialist when installing a new system.
Improper installation can cause all kinds of damage to your property. So, call the pros at Green and growing!

We’ll help you get summer ready 💦


adminYour Irrigation specialist
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Our landscape installation division has resumed construction

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Hey everyone! We are very happy to announce that we will be resuming new construction per the counties most recent order. Our landscape installation division will be up & running as of May 3rd  and will be ready to tackle all of your landscaping needs.

Give us a call so we can help you with those projects that have been driving you crazy. We’ll get your property ready for the summer so you can really enjoy being outside.

Stay safe and healthy!


adminOur landscape installation division has resumed construction
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Healthy distractions to help during times of uncertainty

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We all need healthy distractions to help us cope with our current anxiety. According to the American Institute of Stress, gardening can drastically reduce your stress levels. There are many reasons why but here are just a few.

Because gardening is a full body workout, it can decrease feelings of anxiety & depression through movement. It also burns calories, keeps joints flexible, builds strength & keeps your heart healthy by increasing your cardio.

Anytime outside is a great opportunity to fill up on vitamin D. An increase in your D levels are associated with a growth of calcium, increased immune system, a healthy heart & lungs & a decrease in cancer. Having a healthy body will make a difference in your overall response to stress.

Regardless of your skill level, gardening can be a proven stress buster. Your levels of cortisol can be reduced in 45 minutes through engaging in some form of creativity. Creating a relaxing space will give you a peaceful mind.

Mindfulness is a popular way of combating stress. Gardening allows you to be present in the moment & to focus on your breath. It’s an opportunity to smell the flowers, let the stress melt away & to simply exist.

So, spend some time outdoors & let all of life’s stress fade away. There will be plenty of gardening to do after all of the rains 🌱

adminHealthy distractions to help during times of uncertainty
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COVID-19 Update from Green & Growing

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Green & Growing Landscapes is doing what we feel is the responsible thing by suspending our services until April 10th.

Our offices are however always open to anyone that’s experiencing a landscaping emergency. We are also happy to schedule out any appointments to discuss your landscaping needs once operations return to normal.

We hope that you all stay safe & healthy 🌱

adminCOVID-19 Update from Green & Growing
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