GOOD TIMES, Home & Garden issue – September, 2008

Gregory Miller left Chicago in 1990 and came west, perhaps the best direction there is inAmerica for pursuing the art of greening and gardening. In Santa Cruz, Miller took up landscape serviceand maintenance work and, after gardening enough experience with established companies, foundedhis own in 1999, Green and Growing Landscapes, Inc.

Still thriving today, Green and Growing is a small corporation owned by Miller and his wifeand run with the help of a busy team of half a dozen workers. The big jobs which kept them toilingall summer – like backyard retrofits and patio remodels – are tailing off for the year, but with therainy months approaching, a new flurry of seasonal activity has begun: erosion prevention, drainageimprovement and irrigation systems.

There is no shop or retail center, as Green and Growing is purely a contractor. Miller takesphone calls, pays a site visit to assess the situation, provides an estimate, then gets to work on the taskat hand. Among Green and Growing’s services are custom carpentry, stone cutting and placement andgarden planting. Miller says one of the most dramatic trends in gardening today is the disappearanceof lawns – and it’s a change for the better, he says. They require huge amounts of water while causingfertilizer runoff and frequent maintenance with polluting, two-stroke engine tools. Lawns may beverdant and lush, he says, but they’re not the green way to go, and far more attractive and interestinglandscapes can be customized. For more information on Green and Growing’s services, call 465-0144.

Green & Growing LS, Inc.
1618 Schooner Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 465-0144