2010 CLCA 2nd Place Award

2010 CLCA 2nd place award for large Residential ($ 75,000. -$150,000) went to Green & Growing Landscapes for the Mills residence. This west side residence had an existing stream that ran through the property. This complete landscaping consisted of the creation of a natural creek bed, dry set flagstone patio/path, a complete irrigation system with ET controller, deer & good neighbor fencing, low voltage lighting & drainage, mortared flagstone steps.

“The creek bed was quite a job in & of itself. It took over a month & involved rerouting a portion of the creek using sand bags, an 18” drainage pipe & some good ole’ Green & Growing ingenuity. The original mortar & quartz stream was jack hammered out, in order to create a natural creek bed from scratch. This 100 ft. creek was 2 ½ ft deep & 3ft. wide. The process involved hand placing over 10 tons of Sonoma stone. In addition 7 Sonoma stone boulders ranging from 500-1,000 lbs. were set along the stream. The creek also contained two foot bridges that were created from natural stone. The stone was imported from British Columbia, each weighing close to 1,000 Lbs. Over 30 native grasses were planted along the creek to create the desired natural feel. We really created a piece of the Sierras in Santa Cruz.”

Green & Growing LS, Inc.
1618 Schooner Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 465-0144