2006 Beautification Award

The CLCA honored Gregory Miller with the 2006 Beautification award. This year Green & Growing Landscapes was recognized for a renovation achievement. The Vienna Drive residence was completely renovated leaving only 30% of its original landscaping intact. “This was quite a difficult task, as the new landscaping must fit with the existing to create the desired effect. This job was a work in progress. There were many smaller jobs that occurred over the course of several years. We each had a vision in mind, but had to work slowly due to budgetary constraints. This job was a prime example of how important it is to communicate effectively with the client. Many meetings were required to determine what direction we should go in next. The end result was a beautifully, well thought out landscaping.”

Green & Growing LS, Inc.
1618 Schooner Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 465-0144